Eat well to support your body

Making sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs is important all the time, and even more so when you’re not well.

Weight loss can be prevented, and should not be seen as an expected side effect of cancer and its treatment. When you have trouble eating as much or as often as you would normally, increasing energy in your diet is helpful by making the food or drink you do consume be of more value. Extra protein and nutrients in general help maintain muscle mass. Temporarily eating more fat and sugar will not hurt you and is often needed for a short time.

Eating nutrient-dense foods high in energy, protein and nutrients will help your body cope better with the side effects of treatment, aid in recovery from surgery and treatment, support your immune system to help fight infection, as well as improve your overall health and quality of life.3

How can I make sure my body gets these nutrients to help fight cancer?

From cancer diagnosis, focusing on your diet is a good way to help your body be in the best shape it can be to fight the cancer. Even if your weight is initially stable, being mindful of your diet right from the start of your cancer treatment will give you the best preparation to face the challenges that may come.

Your healthcare professional may have recommended you take a Nutricia oral nutritional supplement to assist in building and/or maintaining your body weight. Including an oral nutritional supplement in your daily diet will improve your nutritional status to help you:

  • be strong by maintaining your body weight and muscle mass
  • better cope while living with cancer
  • to improve your overall health and quality of life
  1. Marshall K, Loeliger J. Investigating Practices Relating to Malnutrition in Victorian Cancer Services – Phase I, full technical report. Department of Health, State Government of Victoria, Melbourne; 2012.

You may also be referred to a Dietitian who can suggest food options that are easy to eat and provide your body with the nutrients it needs.

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